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Koala Roofing Company
Garner, NC – Roofers & Contractors

Koala Roofing Company in Garner, NC is a company that offers roofing services in North Carolina. It was opened in 2011 by Phillip Foote when he first migrated from Australia to the United States. Although Phillip first opened his company, in North Carolina, United States, it now also has a branch in Australia, his home country. Koala roofing company has written its name in gold in the city of North Carolina over the past 15 years of its existence.

It provides all-round quality roofing services at an amazingly affordable price and, at the time agreed with its customers. Like every other company, Koala roofing is available every day of the week except on weekends. Their office is open from 8 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday. Their popularity stems from the quality of their services, the quality of the materials they use, and the politeness of their staff.

They are highly dependable and can be trusted to carry out an emergency job without compromising quality. In addition to that, they aid their customers to get 100% replacement cost covered by their customers’ insurance company. The good thing about this roofing company is that they not only hint to their customers that their insurance company can replace the cost of their damaged roof.

They go the extra mile by calling their customers’ insurance company and demanding that they take up their responsibility, all in a quest to ensure the maximum comfort of their loyal customers. Also, the koala roofing company uses very high-quality roofing materials, and to show that they are experts in their field, they give over 40 years warranty for materials they use to work for you.

And over 15 years warranty for the services they render to you. They offer different roofing styles to their customers and also advise on the best roofing style that will suit your house pattern. Due to the world’s evolution in style and fashion, the management of the koala roofing company organizes a yearly staff workshop and orientation.

The reason for this is to educate and arm their staff with the knowledge and skills needed to offer the best service for any customer, no matter the roofing style demanded of them. 

Discover The Benefits Of Solar Energy

Koala Roofing provides solar installation services!

Reduce Electricity Bills

Reduce electricity bills by using solar energy efficiently! 

Increase Property Value

Solar panels last 25+ years which increases your home’s value if you look to sell in the future.

Protect The Environment

Solar is 3x more efficient for generating energy vs traditional fossil fuels. 

12 Reasons Why People Trust Koala Roofing

These are the top quality that helps customers put their trust in us!


Friendly and to all neighbors in your area.


Our services are affordable and not over-priced.

Great Reviews

Great reviews from our customers.


Our workers and staff all have years of experience.


Most roofing jobs are complete on the same day.


You can depend on us to get the job done right.



Our contractors specialize in roofing services.



A job isn’t complete without proper cleanup.

High Standards

High standards to get everything done right.

Quality Material

Quality materials get the job done right.


Assistance to file a claim with insurance.


Our staff is responsive to all questions.

Discover All The Different Services We Provide

Here are a few of the most common services we provide to homeowners around North Carolina.




Our Complete Process Made Easy

Here is our process to serve customers made easy

Step 1

Plan Project

Step 2

 Quality Work

Step 3

 Clean Up

Step 4

Ensure Satisfaction

3 Simple Steps To a New Roof!

Step 1:

Schedule Roof Estimate


Step 2:

We Provide Damage Report

Step 3:

Get New Roof!

Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying About Us…

Brandi Holloway

“They were prompt in getting to our house to complete our roof. The promptly came back out to check to see if there were nails left on the ground. They were fast in completing the work and it looks great!”


Sarah Blanchard

“Phillip Foote is wonderful to work with! Our house was under contract to sell when we realized we needed to replace the roof due to wind damage. Phillip answered all our questions and communicated really well.”


Patricia Taussig

“They were friendly, very personable, and hard-working…and they did a beautiful job. Everything was left in perfect condition – all debris picked up – nothing left damaged nor plants harmed. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

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Koala Roofing has become one of the most trusted roofing companies after completing many successful projects. We look forward to hearing from you!


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